My Japan life experience

I came in Japan for attending QED (Quantum Engineering Design) Short Term program (Student Exchange Program) during a year, it is my first experience go to the abroad. When arrived at kansai airport I really surprised since Japan is very clean, will never forget seeing a train conductor, when conductors come in to check tickets. He walk to the front of me and bow to me and then again before he leave. He really did it right and bowed slowly. Frankly, I was so really impressed of the politeness of Japanese people. It took some months to get accustomed to the new environment, culture and hard work. I am so happy can join be short-term student since I get chance to study computational material design, to attend some lectures, workshops, Japanese class. It was fabulous!

A snow destination

Nagano is one of the snowiest destinations, with many indnesia’s friends went to Nagano to play skiing, oh really it’s the first experience to see snow. It could be the best snow I ever seen. Awesome!

My first day skiing was spent at Nagano prefecture, I rode the gondola up, firstly to do skiing was so difficulty. I tried to practice, practice and practice. I learn how to stop my glide. I turn the front portions of skis slightly inward. I don’t accelerate too fast in first runs. Gain experience in increasing speed, and decreasing it. Finally, I naturally can increase speed with move my skis’ hind points slightly nearer in open V position and to reduce speed bring the front portions of skis nearer to each other to close V position. Ovations!


Spring was here, and the cherry blossoms are in bloom. I went to Osaka Jo Kouen to enjoy hanami. On the mainland the trees are in bloom and people with cameras in hand to capture the beautiful cherry blossoms. The sakura, which blooms suddenly and beautifully only blooms for a period of a couple of days and then falls to the ground. Many people gather to picnics, eating and drinking under the cherry blossoms. It is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Japan and definitely worth the trying for. “ Off the hook ”!

18th CMD Workshop

Truly deepest gratitude over my chance being an exchange student during a year in Japan. I have many chances to study new things on Computational Material Design. On March 8th I went to the Kyoto, Japan for attenting 18th CMD Workshop, I really felt happy could learn many new things from many professors. It’s my first time learning on CMD, first day I got lectures the fundamental of ab-initio calculation and for the next days got lecture regarding some softwares for calculation like Hilapw, OSAKA2K, and machikaneyama.

The deepest gratitude

Deepest gratitude and thank to Prof. Hisazumi Akai for the Trust and Overwhelming support.

In conclusion, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Prof. Hisazumi Akai, Prof. Hideaki Kasai, Prof.  Kazunori Sato, Prof. Koichi Kusukabe, Dr. Masako Ogura, Ms. Tomoko Shimokomaki, Ms. Reiko Tanaka, Ms. Ikuko Nojiri. I was still thinking that some day we would meet again maybe in Japan or even Indonesia.


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